append tt_content date for each content element in typo3

typo3 - edit tt_content date field

sometimes it’s useful to append a custom field to each content element in typo3, in my case it was the tt_content date – see the attached screenshot

I decided to attach the date to every tt_content-Element with a certain Layout – the second in the list.

It’s pretty simple:

temp.mainTemplate = TEMPLATE
temp.mainTemplate {
template =< plugin.tx_automaketemplate_pi1 ...... workOnSubpart = DOCUMENT_BODY subparts.main_content < styles.content.get = colPos = 1 subparts.main_content.renderObj.text{ 1000=TEXT 1000.value= begin some wrapping code ... 1010=TEXT 1010.field = date 1010.strftime = %A, %e. %B %Y 1020=TEXT 1020.value= end some wrapping code ... } ..... } .... page = PAGE page.typeNum = 0 ... page.10 < temp.mainTemplate ....

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