post request freeze with firefox, nginx, ssl

We had the following issue:

We have a webapplication available over a secure connection (ssl/https). We use nginx on a freeBSD-host as webserver.

When submitting large forms via “ajax post request” the request freeze/ we do not get any answer.
This happens only in Firefox 3.5, 4 and 5, only when accessing the webapplication over https – when submitting forms that generate o POST request larger than aprox. 16k.

Finding absolutely no documentation about this kind of behavior, be tried several options.

Our solution was to increase the following 2 variables in nginx.conf:

client_header_buffer_size 8k; (default 1k)
client_body_buffer_size 256k; (default 8/16k)

Now it works – we tested with a maximum POST size limit of 300k.

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