typo3 layered menu bug update

Regarding http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=16165 Torben Hansen said today:

“Since 0012376 got into the CORE (TYPO3 4.4.5), the TMENU_LAYERS of one of my TYPO3 sites don´t work anymore. I get exactly the same error (Too much recursion) as described in this bugreport. The menu-DIVs do not have unique IDs, which leads to this error.

The Bugfix in 0012376 works fine with menus having one sublevel. If you have 4 sublevels, it does not work correctly, since “substr(md5(‘gl’ . serialize($this->mconf)), 0, 6)” does not produce unique results.

The approach from this bugreport using PHP uniqid works great and every menu has its unique ID.

So maybe the “uniqid-solution” – suggested by us – will be taken into consideration for future releases ….

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