truncate typo3 indexed search tables for multiple typo3 sites

On a shared host we have some typo3-based sites where we use indexed search.

The table index_rel grows very fast, having over 6.000.000 entries. Even a simple search takes over 30 seconds to complete.
I searched for an elegant solution with very little success.

Here is a brute force solution: a ruby-script that search for databases that have a index_rel-table, truncates the “indexed search tables” if they reach a given size. The table will be automatically refilled every time a page is accessed, even by bots….

The script truncates the “cache tables” also, the “indexed search tables” will not be rebuild if only the cache for a given page is returned by a request.

If you do not have a single user that has access to all the databases, you should configure usernames/passwords per database.

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