th_mailformplus voodoo with allowedReferers and email_redirect

We maintain a typo3-site which is available under several domains – since it’s not our server we do not 100% understand the network/domain forwarding, etc… arhitecture there. It seems relatively voodoo to me

However we installed the th_mailformplus for a real simple form.

If called from one domain – it worked perfectly and after successfully sending the email we were forwarded to the “thank you”-page we specified(email_redirect-pageID).

If called from the other domain – the mail was not sent and instead of being redirected correctly the TEMPLATE_SUBMITTED_OK-subpart of the template was rendered. I repeat: the TEMPLATE_SUBMITTED_OK-subpart. Once again TEMPLATE_SUBMITTED_OK contains SUBMITTED_OK … subitted ok – yeah right. Pretty stupid behaviour in my opinion…

The solution was simple, add both domains to the allowedReferers. Now it’s working.

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