2010 – Year of DEATH … for IE6 – i hope

Best wishes for 2010 … more time for you, your families + friends 🙂 … and a slow and painfull death for IE6!!!

IE6 (Microsoft Internet Explorer – version 6) tortures thousands of web-developers for years.  Every web-interface needed a lot of  “special hacks” to be rendered reasonably on IE6.

Think of the IE box model bug, the  CSS underscore hack, the <!–[if lte IE 6]>-like Syntaxes for including js or css only for IE6, IFrames to cover select boxes when using a absolutely-positioned div, etc…

The statistics of Factureaza.RO show the following trend of IE6 usage:

  • june 2009: 21%
  • july 2009: 22%
  • august 2009: 19%
  • september 2009: 17%
  • october 2009: 18%
  • november 2009: 18%
  • december 2009: 17%
  • january 2010: 16%

Let us put an end to this agony and join the guys at end6.org. Just include the piece of JS offered by them – and your visitors will be advised to upgrade ther browser.

<!–[if gte IE 7]>
alert(‘Happy new year’);

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